Today’s unprecedented times require us all to reflect, innovate and collaborate. The hardships on us vary, but the desire to navigate the challenges successfully is something we all share. 

The confidence I have in my ability to succeed grows out of past experiences that include my participation in the 2002 Fijian Eco-challenge on team Washington Adventure Racing. During this race I was dropped in the middle of a Fijian jungle.  I had to use a map, compass and wit to captain our team against some of the best adventure racers in the world.  We persevered through 9 ½ days of trekking, kayaking, rafting and biking on three hours sleep per day.  We survived hypothermia, heatstroke, hunger, sleep deprivation, jungle flesh-rot and finished the 500-kilometer race with a Top 20 world placing. This experience not only mandated perseverance, but honed my resiliency and problem-solving skills which I readily apply to my professional real estate endeavors.

Jeff McCann, Eco Challenge Fiji
Seattle Times article before departing for Fiji

Over the years I have performed tasks as a laborer, director of operations, and a business owner.  Whether digging ditches, building jungle rafts or navigating city zoning codes, I commit to working hard, learning more, finishing strong and contributing to my community.  My immediate future goals include growing my land use consulting business, completing my Master’s degree in real estate and creating the first public wetland bank in south King County. 

The recent release of the 2020 Eco Challenge on Amazon Prime reminds me of the strong foundations I have to persevere and I look forward to working with and for you utilizing my decades of experience to thrive and successfully pilot through the unexpected.  Contact me for a free consultation to talk about your real estate needs.

Jeff McCann Eco Challange Fiji
After 9 days – 13 hours and 8 minutes, we emerged wet and exhausted but successful Eco Challenge Finishers
Eco Challenge Fiji 2020