With outstanding academic achievement, exemplary teamwork, and leadership in student activities, Jeff McCann, a University of Washington graduate of 2021 Master of Science in Real Estate, receives this year’s George Rolfe Award. Jeff is a lifelong husky, earning three degrees at the UW. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Building Construction (BCON) (1994), a Master’s of Science in Construction Management (2000), and a Master’s of Science in Real Estate (2021).

Jeff grew up a third-generation third contractor. The family construction business started in the 1940s with his grandfather, two horses, and a flatbed wagon, and the family legacy continues today. He is the founder and owner of a land-use consulting company called Outdoor Perspective.

Jeff was able to take classes from George Rolfe, and he followed George’s footsteps in teaching Development Courses in the graduate and undergraduate levels in the Runstad Department of Real Estate. He also took the initiative to produce a video interview series of interesting people connected with the MSRE Program called Real Leaders in Real Estate.