Just Sold–but did anyone remember the safe?

How would you feel if you sold a home and the new Buyer calls and asks for the combination to the forgotten floor safe they uncovered while re-modeling the bonus room?  That’s when the Seller calls their real estate agent and asks, who owns the belongings in the safe?  And the agent responds, “do you remember when we discussed and marked that box in the purchase and sales agreement titled Items left by Seller“?

It said “any personal property, fixtures or other items remaining on the property when possession is transferred to the Buyer shall thereupon become the possession of the Buyer and may be retained or disposed of as the Buyer determines. ”

In this case, the Seller never lived in the house and was only vaguely aware of the safe .  But they did recall that the previous Owner was a wealthy old miser of a gentleman who was very forgetful of things.


who owns the contents of a found safe

3 thoughts on “Just Sold–but did anyone remember the safe?

  • Wow, if you take that back one more seller, seems like the people we really should feel for are the miser of a gentleman and his family….
    Very sad.

  • This just happened to me in a house I bought 4 weeks ago. My question is, is it worth hiring a safe guy to open a possibly empty safe? I think I’ll let the next owner make the call.

  • Sandra–I agree. The Seller tried to locate the previous Seller as well. They searched for him and tried to contact his family members. Their attorney searched as well but to no avail.

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