Just Sold — A Hail Mary pass as time expires. It could work


Time had just about run out. After 4 extensions and an additional $23,000 in concessions to my buyer to cover undisclosed problems, things were tense.  At times both sides refused to close yet threatened action if the other side didn’t.  The final debate was over a $294 overage charge and tensions flared.

It was to close now or never.  The HUD statement was delayed and within an hour of the deadline, there were still errors on it.  The buyer’s lender was waiting to fund.

Both agents and escrow knew if it didn’t close that day, it never would and someone would throw out the penalty flag.  Finally with little time left it was released from escrow.  A rush through the County building (note I heard they may have been a little pass interference pushing up the stairs) and the deal recorded with less than 4 minutes to spare.

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