We offer complete Project Management Services for land development and construction projects.

How can a land use consultant help you?  Outdoor Perspectives provides guidance and representation for landowners interested in acquiring, developing and selling properties.  We are the Owners advocate.

Complete project management

Outdoor Perspectives specializes in providing clients with a complete management system that integrates us as a liaison uniting the owner and their professional team. In this capacity, we coordinate, direct and oversee the project on the client’s behalf to successfully obtain all permits and approvals.  With our extensive knowledge of all facets of the development process, Outdoor Perspectives is able to provide project management services to clients that are superior to outfits that are primarily engaged in one facet of real estate. That’s because we understand that one seemingly insignificant decision during any of the processes can snowball into a flurry of major issues which become costly in terms of both time and money.

Land planning services

Outdoor Perspective’s experience in land development is rooted in the land planning aspects of the industry. We will work with you and your design team to create the vision for the project.    We will establish schedules and cost budgets to guide the team through the development process. By combining our experience with these information management systems, clients are able to track project progress at every step of the process and can forecast cash flow requirements throughout the preconstruction phase.

Construction Management                                     

Outdoor Perspectives will work alongside the design consultants as your construction manager to expedite all permits and approvals necessary for construction. We closely monitor the progress of all permits and approvals and communicate with the design team, contractor and governing agencies to ensure a seamless approval process.  We prepare bid packages and review contracts to help select the right contractor for your project.  We provide on-site project management and a commitment to deliver projects on schedule and within budget.


Real Estate Sales

Outdoor Perspectives understands the selling process and has designed a customized marketing system to assist you in differentiating your project from others in your marketplace.

We understand that the right pricing strategy is crucial for maximizing incremental profit and absorption without requiring additional assets, time or overhead.

Our planning process creates the road map to help attain your goals.

  • Collect data and assess current market conditions
  • Analyze market conditions; identifying underserved and saturated market segments
  • Outline your desired positioning
  • Indentify obstacles and systems needed
  • Create action plan and timeline to achieve your goals