Have you ever had that nightmare?

Have you ever had the dream?  The one where you show up for work not wearing any pants.  Well that err- sort of almost happened to me recently. 

I had just finished two showings and headed home one of those really hot Saturday’s we had a few weeks ago.  Just as I pulled into my driveway another client called and asked for a second showing at a house at 2:00pm.  That was a little more than an hour from then and I agreed to it. 

The math in my head started.  The showing was less than 10 minutes from my house.  What was I going to do with the remaining 54 minutes?

Ah-ha.  I could fit in a 6-mile trail run, take a quick shower and make it on time.  So that’s what I did.  The weather was very hot that afternoon.  I got the run done, took a quick shower and got dressed.  It was so warm in my house that my body just couldn’t cool down and stop sweating.  There was A/C in my car so I decided to drive there without my shirt on.  I threw my shirt on top of my briefcase then went to the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle then headed out the door.    

As I approached the house I reached for my shirt but couldn’t find it.  I frantically pulled into a nearby parking lot and search all over the car.  No shirt or briefcase.  What to do now?  Luckily I had some extra items, including a coat in the back of my car.  Unfortunately it was a thick Carhartt jacket better suited for snow then sun but it beat the alternative.  The clients were impressed (or mystified) I wasn’t burning up in my clothing.  Needless to say—I got the showing completed and went home and took another shower.

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