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Naughty Neighbors can affect your property value

Bad neighbors. Everybody has had one. Whether it’s the perpetual yard sale, passive-aggressive rule enforcers, the urban farmer with a bunch of backyard roosters or the stereo blasters — they can make life awful…read more

Top 10 Homes Sales in Washington National over the last 2-years

Sales prices for homes in Washington National are increasing.  The top two sale prices over the last two years both came in the past 30 days.  While there are still some distressed homes keeping…read more

Buying beats renting in Seattle if you stay 3.6 years

Buying a home is a better financial decision than renting for Seattle-area homebuyers intending to stay in their home for at least three years and seven months, according to  Zillow.  Heck–that’s less time than…read more

Just Sold an Oxymoron

  Giant Shrimp   Military Intelligence   Blind eye  Short Sale There is nothing short about the time it takes to complete a typical short sale. Less than forty-eight hours after viewing the home,…read more

Just Sold — A Hail Mary pass as time expires. It could work

  Time had just about run out. After 4 extensions and an additional $23,000 in concessions to my buyer to cover undisclosed problems, things were tense.  At times both sides refused to close yet…read more

Have you ever had that nightmare?

Have you ever had the dream?  The one where you show up for work not wearing any pants.  Well that err- sort of almost happened to me recently.  I had just finished two showings…read more

Just Sold–but did anyone remember the safe?

How would you feel if you sold a home and the new Buyer calls and asks for the combination to the forgotten floor safe they uncovered while re-modeling the bonus room?  That’s when the Seller…read more

who owns the contents of a found safe

Open House in Auburn, WA

I can see for miles and miles……… Spectacular mountain views abound.  This 5,100 sf homes includes 5 bedrooms, 4.25 baths plus a mother-in-law apartment on 2-acres of land.  With 3 kitchens, custom pool, waterfall…read more

Photo of a home in Auburn available for the Seattle luxury home market.

Quick tips when buying a foreclosure

The number 1 reason to buy a foreclosure is the potential for a good bargain. It’s human nature to try and buy something at a discount. That’s why buyers and investors are so interested…read more

Foreclosure sign, Jeff McCann specialized in foreclosed real estate in Seattle

How scared are sellers in this market?

A client found a property that he was interested in buying and wanted my help.   It wasn’t listed so we did our own market research to determine what we thought it was worth.  I…read more

Sellers' market fears, post image at